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Norah Runsent

Post  Katsa on Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:19 am

Name: Norah Runsent
Gender: Female
Species: Were-Gryphon
Family: None, though she considers the pack her family.


Human: Her hair is the color of dark brown, dark chocolate colored that reaches to mid-back. Always tied back in a ponytail, with bangs going off to the sides. Her eyes are rather slightly large and round, also brown and the same color as her hair. Wears a light brown jacket over simular color blouses and shirts. Always wears jeans, usually blue colored. Has the expression of an innocent child, and seeming always curious or not fully understanding whats going on around her. Though its believed she knows more than she lets on.

Gryphon: When in this form, Norah looks fierce and dangerous, though her personality remains much the same. She isn't the violent type, in fact she seems to hate it. The neck, head, and front paws are all bird, while the rest is cat. Feathers run along her head and end just pass the neck and to the shoulders, the same color as her hair. She has catish, long ears, the only thing on her head that isn't feathery besides her beak, which is long and sharp and has a slight curve at the end, the color yellow as with most birds. Her eyes are the same as with human form, but more narrowed and fiercer looking, the pupils sometimes cat-like. The front limbs are also cat like, but instead of paws they end in long, sharp talons, with feathers at the ankle and down. The rest of her body is lion-like, the color a lighter brown then her "mane". The tail is long with a big tuft of fur at the end, which is the same color as the mane. In this form, she is no larger than an average large horse, her built small and lean, more for speed than strength.

Personality: Norah seems to have "lost her mind" at one point of her life, most of the time seeming to be off in her own world rather than the real one, almost distant but at the same time aware. Almost always smiling, she's cheery nonetheless and likes to giggle. Has an active imagination and enjoys making stuff up using everything around her. You can sometimes see her glancing up at clouds or at rain.
However. she seems to have a fear of fights. When a fight is breaking out, Norah seems to freeze, not moving or even joining in. However, if backed into a corner, or she witnesses anyone she cares about get hurt, she loses it. She would instinctively transform, and begin to violently attack whomever it is thats causing the harm. When in this stage, and she was about to attack a close comrade who frightened her, the best choice of action would be to step away from the claws and show no threat, and she should calm down. She only attacks if attacked back.

Past: Had a father who had been the one with Gryphon-blood in him, and because of this he had trouble controling himself and had violent spasms. He always frightened Norah, but her mother helped her through this, though she was sometimes put in danger of her father's violent rages. Neither of them were ever severly harmed, however, her father only broke other things around him, and if he did happen to touch either of them, the hits were quick and never severe. Besides this, for some reason Norah's mother never left him.
Because of this, when placed in danger Norah seems to freeze instead of fight back, but if pushed she will fight back, with all it takes.

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