Vane Vusakalais {Alpha}

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Vane Vusakalais {Alpha}

Post  Kutanra on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:18 pm

Name: Vane Lupin Vusakalais (Voo-sack-a-lace)
Gender: Male
Spieces: Purebreed Lycan (Wolf)
Rank: Alpha Male
Mate: Jessica Icefurie

Personality: Vane is generally pretty quite, prefering the notion that actions speak louder than words.
He is laid back round most of his pack but he can be very testy with newcomers, especially males.
He would do anything to defend his mate and his pack, as far as losing his life or seriously endangering himself
When he wants he can be totally goofy but more often than not acts out being the 'badass cool guy'
However underneath it all he is a big gooey softie (unless you anger him then no one is safe)

History: Vane ran away from his Pack when he disagreed with their way of life under his father's tyranny. From age 16 he lived in youth hostels and motels, occasionally roughing it on the streets. He would do odd jobs for people to get money for food and college, and signed up to several Lycanthropy research programs. Some weren't so bad, taking blood or fur samples or just asking him to fill out a quiz. But some involved electrical shocks and other painful procedures (he is missing half of one back molar which they didn't use anaesthetic to get)
Finally he found a college which offered a Homeless funding program to unfortunate students. After failing his first year he has repeated it and is now doing his second year.

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