Kathrine Ardens {Alphess}

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Kathrine Ardens {Alphess}

Post  Vantani on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:41 pm

Name: Kathrine Ardens Icefurie
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf


Human: Kathrine is well built, with a broad shoulders and chest, with a curved figure. She is around 5'6, with long brown hair streaked with blond that flows down her back in gentle waves. She has round, azure eyes and lips that are naturally stained pink, but aren't too full or defined. Kathrine's skin is very pale, and is sometimes teased for being a vampire instead of a werewolf by Jess when they were younger. She usually wears rock n' roll T's with bands from the 80's and very loose, baggy jeans that crumple around her ankles and above her sneakers. She has quite a few scars, the most recent one being a large gash that starts at the base of her thigh and goes up a bit onto her belly. It was from a very violent and recent fight with Vane.

Werewolf: In this form, Kathrine is still well built with a thick coat of chocolate fur. She has occasional splotches and streaks of blond, and long claws. Her eyes retain their same colour, except they are more wolf-like in this form. On two legs, she is 6'6 and still growing. Since she has very long hair in human form, she has a lot of fur as a wolf. Around her neck is sort of a mane-like tuft that ends at the base of her neck. Kathrine has a very long tail, with as much fur as her body and head has.

Personality: Kathrine generally keeps to herself and does not enjoy the company of humans. Since she was abandoned by her birth parents who were human (she became a werewolf by blood; it skipped her father's generation and was previously present in her grandfather), it is not common for her to be in crowds. Despite that, she is very caring and gentle, fooling people due to her very large and tough appearance. Kathrine always knows what to say when someone is down, but often times she cannot find the answer deep within her own mysterious gaze. for her own problems.

Sometimes, she gets very moody and becomes rather insensitive when she is angry, especially around males. Oftentimes she has insulted and even got into fights with Vane, and they both have their own scars to show for it. Kathrine is fiercely loyal and very protective of those that would truly love her. Kathrine is a natural leader, and is currently Alpha Female of the pack.

Other: Kathrine's past is not very detailed, since she rarely describes it. She was born to human parents, whom were very uptight and serious with their religious beliefs. When Kathrine became a teenager and was going through puberty, signs of Lycanthropy began to show, and her parents left her because they believed her to be a sign of evil.
However, close friends of the family, the Icefuries, knew of this and accepted Kathrine within their family despite her species and took her in. She was adopted by this family, and the inseperable relationship with Jessica Icefurie is born.

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