Ethan N. Nemesio

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Ethan N. Nemesio

Post  Katsa on Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:31 am

((A huge WIP, Ethan may develop as the RP goes :3))

Name: Ethan N. Nemesio (nay-MAY-see-oh)
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Family: N/A


Fairly tall, with a brown jacket and black jeans. He usually wears a tan shirt beneath, and always has the jacket unbuttoned. Wears brown sneakers and has blond hair, slightly brown around the edges and short though sticks out a little. His eyes are a sapphire blue, with emerald green around the irises and blending in with the sapphire.

The pelt becomes a little more like a light tan color edged with brown. The eyes are the same, and he has a long bushy tail. All paws are covered mostly with brown fur, and he has a half-broken tooth close to the front. In human form the tooth looks chipped.

Personality: A born warrior, Ethan is a well fighter with powerful limbs and sharp instincts. He protects those he cares for and is in charge of with his very being. Honor and respect... These are what he considers to be the most important. Unfortunately this also makes him quite stubborn. He does not like to run away from a fight, only times he will is if ordered from a higher rank or if its to protect someone else.
He also has another, softre side. Ethan is very caring and very hard to frighten. He is not judgmental, he'll very willingly listen to any problem you have and offer up the best advice he can come up with.

Past: ~WIP~

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