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Kama Lefevre

Post  Kamaete on Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:49 pm

Name: Kama Lefevre
Gender: Male
Spieces: Were-Wolf
Rank: N/A as of yet
Mate: N/A


His chin-length hair is a desaturated blonde, his eyes are a blue-grey and his skin is a warmish pale
color. He prefers dark shirts paired with lighter, earthy cargo pants but has a variety of clothing that ranges
from formal to punk to retro game shirts that his best friend (Itaete) buys for him.

Wolf: 6'11
His thick fur is a silvery white and his eyes are the same blue-grey. He prefers walking (or running) quadrilaterally
instead of bipedally. He has really long, thick fur.

Personality: Kama used to be very anti-social, closed, distant and apathetic, however he's learned to be a bit nicer
recently. He still finds it hard to accurately display emotion and relies on Itaete to interpret for him. He's usually
very level headed, calm and collected. He is intelligent, but rarely finds a reason to show that aspect of himself off.
Recently he's been showing signs of brief moments of anger and hostility. He entirely blames this on Itaete and his
philosophy of "letting things out".

Brief History: Kama is half Japanese half French but was raised outside his family in America so identifies with neither
of his birth cultures. At age fifteen Itaete transfered into his school and they became best friends with little commotion.

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