Jessica Icefurie

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Jessica Icefurie

Post  Vantani on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:56 pm

[color=white]Name: Jessica Icefurie (Affectionately nick named Jess by Kathrine)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sister: Kathrine Icefurie
Mate: Vane Vusakalis


Human: Jessica is almost completely opposite to Kathrine in terms of how they look. She is slightly shorter, and very thin with caramel coloured skin and almond shaped, brown eyes. Her hair is black at medium length and usually worn in a loose ponytail or bun. She wears bright clothes, usually consisting of pretty blouses and frilled skirts. Jess's usual choices of footwear are high heels, much to Kathrine's distaste. She has rather high and thin cheekbones, making her face angled like a cat's, with full, red lips. Jess often wears makeup but not too much.

Personality: Very optimistic and full of energy, Jessica is what one would call a people person who sees the glass as half full. She spends her time among crowds and enjoys making new friends, even sometimes having to drag her sister Kathrine along for the ride. Jess is enjoyable to be around, but is very sensitive and has a habit of crying often; a factor to being rather emotional.
When upset, she can be sometimes very violent, especially if her mate, Vane, is involved. She acts as a sort of Guardian Angel to Kate, always there when she's having a hard time and is steadily guiding her sister through her hectic life as a werewolf. Jess will never abandon Kathrine no matter what, even if she is being threatened by her sister herself.

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